Final Call Quilts 
Final Call Quilts is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization that makes quilts
for families of first responders who on their Final Call made the ultimate sacrifice, giving their life in the line of duty,
in accordance with Federal criteria.  

The uniforms and/or personal clothing items worn by these heroes are transformed into quilts with the hope that it will bring some sort of comfort, pride, peace, and remembrance to the family in the midst of their tragedy.  

These items are intended to celebrate and honor the life and profession of the fallen, preserve the memory and selflessness of the fallen, and to give thanks to the family who supported them each day, when they often put others before themselves in a desire to Protect & Serve. 

These items are made at no cost to the family.  

Public donations, however, are crucial to keeping this organization going, and ensuring that the cost of future quilts are covered. 




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  Thank you for believing in what we do and for helping us help other LEO families.


The quilt(s) made in honor and memory of fallen law enforcement officers, firefighters, and EMS 
(who have died in the line of duty) are made

* = other than the cost of shipping the uniforms/clothing items to us.

Who we are:
Final Call Quilts is a non-profit organization that is able to exist solely through the support and donations of the public.  All donations are tax deductible.
Final Call Quilts consists of individuals who make quilts on a volunteer basis, in addition to working their normal full-time jobs and running their daily lives.

We fully believe that this is God's ministry, not ours.  We are so blessed and humbled to have been chosen by Him to be a part of this ministry, and are honored to be His hands and feet here on earth. 

We are so thankful to be able to provide for others, and will provide items as quickly as our schedules allow.  

What we provide:
Final Call Quilts provides a quilt at no charge to the surviving spouse and minor children of the fallen public safety hero.  If the fallen hero was NOT married,...and did NOT have children, we are then able to provide an item for the parents.

The spouse has the choice to either receive a full size quilt (approx 6ft x 6ft) or a large wall hanging 
(approx 3ft x 3ft) 
 to hang in their home.

For minor children (17 yoa and younger) we will provide a full size quilt (approx 6ft x 6ft).

If the public safety hero was NOT married, and did NOT have children, a large wall hanging (approx 3ft x 3ft) can be made for the parents to hang in their home.

What items are needed:
You may choose to have your quilt(s) made only from police uniforms, or you may choose to add military uniforms, prior police uniforms from other departments, and/or personal clothing (favorite dress shirts, pants, jeans, shorts, jerseys, t-shirts, etc...)

If only using police uniforms, we will need approx 3-4 uniform shirts and approx 3-4 uniform pants for each quilt.  We will use the patches from the shirts throughout the quilt(s).

If you choose to incorporate other clothing items, we will not need as many uniforms,...approx 2-3 uniform shirts and approx 2-3 uniform pants for each quilt.  Again, we will use the patches from the shirts throughout the quilt(s).

If you choose to have your quilt made from uniforms and t-shirts, we can incorporate anywhere from 1-8 t-shirts.

If you do not have this much clothing to send, we will gladly use whatever you can send, and can supplement with colored store bought material that matches the colors in the uniform patch. 

Packing the items:
If we are making more than one item, please sack the items seperately with a note in each stating who the item is for (their name and relationship to the fallen hero) and they can then be placed in the same box to be shipped to us.

We love to learn about each individual public safety hero as we make items for their family.  If you wouldn't mind sharing, please include a little note inside of the box to tell us a little bit about him/her.  In your note, please also share any special wording, special dates, inside jokes, etc. that you may have shared with them.  We try to include what we can into the quilts, by embroidery, but this is not always guaranteed, and depends on time constraints and how many other projects we are working on at the time.

Depending on how many projects we currently have at our house, we may or may not be taking on new projects at the time you contact us.

If we are accepting new projects, we will ask that you contact us once again after you have your items ready to ship to us.  We will then provide you with the address of where the items will need to be sent.  Once the items have been shipped to us, please re-contact us with the tracking number so that we can watch the movement of these items online until they reach our doorstep.  We will contact you to confirm that the items did arrive safely.

Once we receive the items, your hero will be added to our website under the "Current Projects" tab.  You will be able to monitor where you are at in our project list by watching your hero's name move up towards the top of the page, as prior projects are completed.

If we are not accepting new projects, please email us at and express your interest in being added to our waiting list. 

In the meantime, if you choose, you can go ahead and gather up your items and place them in a box that will be used to ship them to us once we are ready to receive them.

Please DO NOT send clothing items to our P.O. Box address.  This is NOT the address the items will be sent to, and they will be returned to you by the Post Office.


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